Archery & Canoeing with St Helens Youth Service

We went to the Archery and Canoeing event at Taylor park and was met at the entrance by the lovely staff who introduced themselves and explained what was about to happen and then led us through to the boathouse where they had set up the Archery indoors. The children all took turns at firing a selection of arrows at the targets and it was obvious by the smiles that they were really enjoying it. I’m not sure how many bullseyes where hit but there were quite a few.
We then had a break for lunch before going back to go canoeing. They had tied two canoes together and we boarded them along with one of the staff and we all had a chance to paddle. Suffice to say there were some hilarious results as we tried to coordinate our paddling to steer the canoe around the lake and back to base. Again everyone loved the experience and I’m sure learned something new. Next the brave amongst us were able to take out a Kayak and paddle around the lake. It was great to see individual children learning a new skill whilst gaining some valuable independence and enjoying it at the same time.
It’s definitely an activity day that should be repeated.