Children’s Adventure Farm Trust

Some of our families travelled to Altrincham for a day at The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust. It was a fun filled day.
First we walked round the farm looking at the different animals and feeding them. We even got to take Sunshine the sheep for a walk (she thinks she’s a dog). We walked through the Aviary looking at the different birds even getting to hold one. It was then back to the Art room & sensory room for a play and some arts and crafts.
We were all then given lunch and had a rest before the fun began again. We all had fun on the inflatable slide and using the bikes. Then back to say good bye to the animals before a last chill in the sensory room.

On Sunday 3rd November Friends Play for Disabled Children organised a visit to the CBBC Interactive Tour in Salford Quays.

During the visit we learnt how the weather forecast is filmed and the children had lots of fun predicting the weather. They also had the opportunity to be tv presenters and sit at the Question of Sport table.

We walked to the main studio where programmes like The Voice is filmed. The walls were soundproofed and there were many lights suspended from the ceiling.

The next room was full of props which are used for sound effects for radio programmes. In the adjacent room there were many pieces of foam attached to the walls which dampened any sounds that were made. It was almost as if someone nearby was actually a long distance away.

The tour was very informative and we had a lovely time. Our tour guide informed us how to apply for a Blue Peter badge.

After the tour we visited the Blue Peter Garden, saw the Bee, Pudsey Bear and Upsie Daisy statues.

A big thank you to the Friends Play for Disabled Children Charity for organising this lovely event.