Lucem Cinema – Spiderman No Way Home


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Lucem Cinema – Spider Man No Way Home 21st August 1:30pm

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No doubt you will have already read the previous Q&A session in relation to the Summer Programme of activities under the HAF programme and eligibility criteria.

Places are available at Lucem Cinema, in St.Helens to watch Spider Man No Way Home.

For the first time in the history of Spider Man the friendly heroes identity is finally revealed. But when help is enlisted to restore his secret the spell releases the most powerful villains who have fought Spider Man.

If you meet the HAF criteria then your placement on this event is free subject to booking and numbers.

However, if you DO NOT meet the eligibility criteria and are booking a place as part of the Friends Charity then there is a charge of £2pp

We would like to remind parents/Carers of their responsibility to supervise their own children whilst on this event/activity, as this responsibility is outside the remit of the Friends charity.