Family Favourites at the Philharmonic

From the moment you arrive to this amazing musical vision before you, you know you’re in for a treat. Set in an acoustic heaven the building itself is stunning. You actually feel like you are sat within a musical  instrument. 

As the musicians enter you see they are all dressed up as the characters of the movies they are going to perform. More minions than you can count, there are characters from Coco , Harry Potter , Frozen amongst others. 

The orchestra begin with some well known classics from Disney films with visuals of the film behind them. 

Further along we are introduced to a test of our musical knowledge. We are asked to shout out the name of the instrument the player is holding and then to name the song they play.  This creates much shouting !! 

To end the afternoon we vote with cheers for which film we wish the orchestra to finish with. It’s a resounding win for Star Wars. 

Overall, a fantastic event highly recommended. An amazing experience into the world of movie music.