The friends group is amazing 🙂 we go on fab trips with them where the parents and children can all socialise and enjoy family / friends time , we have accessed this group for many years and hope to for many more, it has been a godsend to us as to many many other families , this is the only group we access and really don’t know what we would do if it wasn’t there , amazing group with amazing people 🙂 thank u friends group 🙂 xx  Debbie & Jake

Jake & Debbie
Debbie & Jake
Kirsty & James
Kirsty & James

This group has given us a life line so we don’t feel isolated or like social outcasts. Everyone helps each other and no one stares or moans if any child has a meltdown. My family live 170 miles away so the group is like having extra family nearby x  Kirsty & James

Having this group allows me to try an activity or event whilst being surrounded by understanding families, who know and sympathise if things are more difficult with your child. Attending these events have then given me the confidence to attend certain activities independently from the group. Funding is desperately needed for the massive numbers of families that this charity is is a real lifeline to get them out and socialising.

Jack & Carol
Jack & Carol

The biggest thing of all for us is that our son Jack (age 14 with a number of additional needs) loves this group and has genuine friends in the group. Jack anticipates activities and is more than comfortable with the other families, which means his anxiety (and associated behaviours) are reduced. If this group didn’t exist we would be restricted in the activities we could access comfortably as a family. The group is about inclusion and celebration. I would hate to think that I take Friends for granted as I know all of the work which is put into the running of it, however I don’t even want to think how isolating life would be if Friends didn’t exist.  Carol & Jack

Friends group is invaluable to us, its an important part of our lives, being able to go to lovely events, trips out with other families who are in the same or similar situation has made a massive difference, it would have been harder to go out to events on our own if we didn’t have the group we have made friends and met great families and because of the group don’t feel isolated, can go to events and no one reacts if a child has a meltdown. The support from others from the group is fantastic, there is always someone who will respond and try and help with an issue, you really do feel you are part of something and not on your own. Without Friends it would be hard to know where to go for that same support xx  Tracey & Lydia

Tracey & Lydia
Lydia & Tracey
Keenan & Ethan
Mason & Ethan

Friends group provides for all sorts of disabilities all over the North West. But they will never say no to a family that needs there help & support. That’s the really good thing about friends. Even if a family hasn’t got transport friends will try & seek funding to provide a coach so families don’t miss out on some of the outings that they do. When friends come together it’s like we are one big family & we all look out for each other for support. I don’t know how we managed all these years without friends. My sons now will only go out if it is with friends as they feel safe around families who understand there needs. But friends couldn’t do this without the funding & they work really hard to find that funding to continue helping vulnerable families. Not forgetting there siblings who also needs support so they can also make friends with other children that have a brother or sister with additional needs so they don’t feel as though they are on there own.  Tracey, Chris, Ethan, Kenan & Mason